Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions provided by JCE International LLC relating to the provision of an auction buying and export service. By using www.japancarexport.co.jp you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you disagree with the following terms and conditions then please immediately cease all dealing with JCE International LLC, and do not further access www.japancarexport.co.jp.



‘WE’, ‘US’, ‘SELLER’, ‘JCE INTERNATIONAL’, refers to JCE International LLC and any associated suppliers, business partners or agents.


‘YOU’, ‘CUSTOMER’, ‘BUYER’, refers to a person or company who has entered into an agreement to use the JCE International LLC auction buying and export service.

‘CAR’, ‘VEHICLE’, ‘UNIT’, ‘ITEM’ refers to the article of purchase.


‘AUCTION’, refers to the Japanese used car auctions, Yahoo auction or similar where JCE International LLC will bid for customers.


‘BID’ ‘BIDDING’ refers to the action of JCE International LLC in trying to secure a car for a customer.


‘BUDGET’, refers to the amount the customer has pre-determined as the maximum they want to pay for the car or item at auction.


‘PURCHASE’, refers to the act of JCE International LLC procuring a vehicle or item for a customer.


`DEPOSIT’, refers to a pre-agreed amount that the customer will deposit with JCE International LLC to enable the purchase of a vehicle or item.


‘WORK’ refers to an action JCE International LLC has undertaken for a customer.


‘SALE’, refers to a transaction between a customer and JCE International LLC to buy and export a vehicle or item.


‘INVOICE’ refers to the document produced by JCE International LLC showing the amount due for a completed service.


‘AS IS’ is a term used to describe the condition of the car or item and disclaims any implied warranty. The buyer accepts the item as it exists with all faults whether or not immediately apparent.


Financial Conditions

1. Deposit – Prior to any bidding the customer will deposit a minimum of JPY 100,000 to JCE International LLC. This deposit will be deducted from the total due on the customers invoice. Failure to pay the invoice will result in the deposit monies being used to cover losses pertaining to the unpaid invoice. Deposits can be refunded at anytime prior to JCE International LLC purchasing a vehicle or item for a customer, less any bank or money transfer fees incurred. If work has been done then there may be a service charge deducted from this refund. Deposit amounts for expensive or unusual items will be negotiated between the customer and JCE International LLC.


2. Payments – Full payments must be made in full within 48 hours of receipt of invoice via bank transfer. Failure to do so could result in additional late payment charges.


3. Exchange rates, Paypal rates, bank charges – JCE International LLC is not responsible for the exchange rates used by banks, money transfer companies, Paypal or similar. All payments must be made in Japanese Yen and all bank fees are the customers responsibility.


4. Service fee – JCE International LLC charges a service fee from JPY 90,000 per vehicle which covers buying the car and all paperwork needed to export the car out of Japan. This is for vehicles under JPY 1,000,000 in value. This fee does not include domestic transport of the vehicle within Japan, ocean freight out of Japan, any country specific inspections (eg JAAI, JEVIC, car washing, repairs), parking in Japan, or any costs associated with the vehicle once it leaves Japan. A higher service fee applies for vehicles and items over JPY 1,000,000 or unusual items. Please contact a sales person for more information on service fees.



1. JCE International LLC agree to bid up the the pre-determined amount the customer has set for a specified item but reserves the right to overbid that amount by up to JPY 25,000 if necessary to win the auction.


2. If a car or unit is unsold at auction, Blue Line Exports will automatically negotiate to buy the item up to the customers budget if necessary, unless otherwise specified.


3. Multiple bidders on the same car. At times we have more than one party bidding on the same car. In this situation, the party with the higher bid will win the car regardless of the other party bid amount. If Party A has a maximum bid amount of Y1,000,000 and Party B has a maximum bid amount of 900,000 JPY and the car sells at the auction for 800,000 JPY, then Party A will win the car and will pay the car cost amount of 800,000 JPY. We do not discuss the bid amounts of other customers.


Cancellation and Failure to Pay an Invoice


Once a vehicle or item has been purchased by JCE International LLC for a customer the purchase cannot be cancelled. Failure to pay an invoice in full will result in a loss of deposit and any partial payments made.


Invoice payments are due in full upon receipt of the invoice and any late payments will incur a late payment charge of 10,000 JPY per week starting 7 days from the invoice date, at the discretion of JCE International LLC. In the event that a customer fails to fully pay an invoice, any monies received will be forfeited and kept as compensation for the failure to pay the invoice as per the terms and conditions. This money is kept to recover costs associated with the initial purchase, the resale and to compensate for the opportunity cost of the capital that was tied up in the purchase.


Service and Responsibility


JCE International LLC is an auction agent / buying service and export company. We do not own the cars or the auction houses or have any influence on they way they operate. JCE International LLC will not be responsible for incorrect information on auction condition sheets or misrepresented cars nor for any agents working for JCE International LLC including transport companies, courier companies, shipping lines, insurance companies, dealerships, port yards. JCE International LLC will provide all information available but is not responsible for incorrect translations or assumptions made by the customer based on such information.


Vehicle Condition


JCE International LLC is not responsible for the condition of cars before or after the purchase. We will take all care to ensure the customer has as much correct information as possible but ultimately its the customers decision to bid on or purchase a vehicle. All cars are purchased as is and all care is provided in the transport, storage and shipping of vehicles and items. JCE International LLC is simply an agent to assist in the purchase and export process and is not responsible or liable for the actual condition of the vehicle or item nor possible damage incurred in shipping or storage.


Import Regulations


It is the customers responsibility to ensure the vehicle or item meets their local rules and regulations. JCE International LLC can advise on such matters, but ultimately it is up to the customer to ensure the vehicle or item is eligible for import into the destination country.




All content contained on www.japancarexport.co.jp is the property of JCE International LLC and is protected by international copyright laws.


Governing Law


Any dispute arising from or pertaining to this agreement between a customer and JCE International LLC falls under the jurisdiction of the Chiba District Court and is subject to the relevant Japanese law.


Changes to This Agreement


JCE International LLC reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions anytime. Your decision to continue to visit and make use of www.japancarexport.com and JCE International LLC after such changes have been made constitutes your formal acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about this agreement please feel free to contact us at sales@japancarexport.co.jp.