Roll On / Roll Off Shipping

The most cost effective way to ship your vehicle to destinations worldwide. Roll on/roll off ships are designed solely to carry cars. You may not load the vehicle with any other goods; only the car, spare wheel and any other items that are standard to the car. The vehicle and items within the vehicle are in the hands of ship operators and they are not prepared to take the risk or entertain any claims for any items that may be lost or stolen. If you would like to ship goods with your car then we suggest the alternative method of sending your vehicle in a dedicated 20ft container. Roll on/roll off ships are designed to carry cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, and heavy machinery. All vehicles are secured in the ship under cover away from the elements. As a general rule, all vehicles must be in full working order, not have any major fluid leaks, and able to be driven by the loading team.
*Please note that to some destinations, roll on/roll off shipping is not offered, and in that case, container shipping must be used.

If you should have any other questions or concerns with the roll on/roll off service we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Container Shipping

Unlike roll on/roll off shipping, containers can be loaded with vehicles that are undrivable and with spare parts (provided the parts are listed on the Performa invoice). Your vehicle is loaded into dry cube container at a loading terminal. The vehicle will then be secured to the container floor by wooden blocks and strapping to prevent any movement. Another advantage with shipping your vehicle in a dry cube container is that compared to roll on /roll off shipping, the sailings are usually available weekly from most major ports rather than once a month. If you have more than one vehicle to ship, Japan Car Export also offers 40ft container multi pack shipping.
For more information on container shipping or to get a quotation, please contact us.

Shipping Insurance

During local transportation and marine shipping, contents are out of direct control on any freight forwarder. While contents are in a Japan Car Export secure storage facility or at one of our many international handling agents warehouses, contents are insured by warehouse coverage for a limited time. Always insure contents at their replacement value, in the destination country. Any items over $10,000 must be professionally appraised prior to packing and pick-up. We offer two types of International Insurance: Marine Insurance (12,000 Yen per unit) Available to all shipments. Coverage of this policy is total loss due to; fire, theft or loss only. A total value must be placed on shipment prior to departure. All Risk (3.25% of invoice Yen value)
Only available if items are inspected by one of Japan Car Export's dedicated insurance staff prior to departure. This policy covers damage & breakages that may accrue from day of packing, through transit and delivery to final destination. Policy is valid up until it is out of the possession of the bonded warehouse or transportation company at the destination port. This policy guarantees the insurance company will replace any article that is lost or damaged beyond repair with either a like item or a cash settlement. Any cash settlements made will be in the amount of the current market replacement value.

If you would like a quote on a vehicle you would like Insured from Japan, please contact us.​

Shipping & Insurance

Japan Car Export is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive shipping & insurance packages to almost any destination worldwide. With our in house logistics team, global shipping contacts, and in house Insurance professionals, we will be able to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish whether your vehicle is shipped via roll on/roll off or by container.