Do you refund my deposit?

Yes, we will refund your deposit by International Bank Transfer to your nominated bank account if the refund request is made within one year from the date the deposit was made or after the last transaction is complete. Refunds incur a 10,000 Yen processing fee which includes our banks International Transfer fee.

How do I read the auction report?

After you register and we receive your 100,000 Yen deposit to our Company bank account, any vehicle that you would like to bid on, you will receive an auction sheet tranlsation prior to bidding from your sales representative upon request. All of our staff speak fluent English and Japanese so the translation of the auction sheet will be 100% accurate.

When do I find out the auction results?

You will be contacted either by email or phone within 1 hour after the auction closes.

Why Buy From Japan?

Cars in Japan generally have much lower KMS compared to those overseas because they are not driven everyday. City roads are crowded and street parking is scarce and expensive whereas public transport is cheap and reliable. Considering this, there are many low KMS vehicles in great condition available.

Why Buy At Japan Car Auctions?

Buying from auction gives you the biggest range of cars to choose from. Auctions run Monday to Saturday at over 25 locations across Japan giving you over 100,000 different cars to choose from each week. In addition, buying from auction means you are choosing the car that you want, not having some stock pushed onto you by a salesperson. It doesn’t matter to us whether you decide to buy car A, B or C, what matters is that you get the car you want. We have no vested interest in you buying one particular car over another.

Why Buy With Japan Car Export?

We are not a high volume exporter, we value quality over quantity and strive for repeat business. Japan Car Export can check the cars for you, take additional photos and call you from the car. Plenty of car exporters will bid on cars purely based on the auction sheet. That’s fine, but the auction sheets don’t always tell the whole story. Let an experienced car buyer personally take a look at the cars you are interested in to ensure you have all the information possible to make the most informed decisions.

What does FOB mean?

FOB or Free On Board is a term used to indicate the total price for the vehicle including agent fee, inland transport to the Port, documentation fee, & Customs Clearance in Japan (marine shipping is not included in this price).